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About Deeco

We've been serving communities across Aotearoa since 1938.

Our expertise extends across various sectors, including municipal waterworks, irrigation and fire protection. We love what we do, and are passionate about empowering our partners with high-quality and innovative water service solutions that advance environmental sustainability and the wellbeing of our people.

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Our Team


Marcus Durrant

Managing Director

[email protected] 027 448 0890

Craig Ramsay

Chairman - Director

[email protected] +64 4 568 5293

Cheryle Ramsay

Financial Director

[email protected] +64 4 568 5293


Steve Hancock

National Product Manager - Flow Meters

[email protected] 027 284 7518

Mathew Morrow

National Product Manager - Filtration and Control

[email protected] 021 953 551

Ladi Svoboda

National Product Manager ‑ Talgil Automation

[email protected] 021 0233 4172

Paul Friedrich

Regional Sales Engineer

[email protected] 027 464 5554

Pete Olsen

Territory Sales Engineer

[email protected] 027 280 4090

Jeff Pelter

Southern Regional Sales Engineer

[email protected] 0274 481 526

Michael Streeter

Sales and Service Support

[email protected] 027 232 9886


Steve Drysdale

Applications Engineer

[email protected] +64 4 568 5293

Chris Cook

Production Manager

[email protected] +64 4 568 5293

Sid Swaroop

Technical Sales Support

[email protected] +64 4 568 5293

Customer Success & Orders

Meghan Rivers

Customer Success Representative

[email protected] +64 4 568 5293

Accounts & Finance

Katie Durrant

Financial Administrator

[email protected] +64 4 568 5293

Sylvie Kirkman

Accounts & Purchasing Administration

[email protected] +64 4 568 5293


Luke Watson


[email protected] +64 4 568 5293

James Vei


[email protected] +64 4 568 5293

Our Services

Here at Deeco, we specialise in design, selection and implementation of technically demanding products for water services and fluid treatment industries.

Industries we work with


We offer critical components for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, upholding the highest standards in health and safety, and environmental sustainability.

Our comprehensive range of solutions covers everything from AMR and AMI Smart Metering to Backflow Prevention Control, Hydraulic Control Valves, Professional Filtration Solutions, and Anti Surge Air Release Valves. Each solution is meticulously designed to deliver optimal performance and efficiency in waterworks infrastructure.

Deeco - Waterworks

Irrigation & Irrigation-Automation

Whether it's for a single property or expansive projects spanning across Aotearoa, our products are designed to optimise yield and efficiency while promoting positive environmental outcomes.

With a focus on Automation, Control, Measurement, and Filtration, we offer tailored solutions for agriculture, horticulture, and viticulture irrigation. Our goal is to empower our clients with the tools they need to enhance productivity, conserve resources, and achieve sustainable irrigation practices.


Pipeline Infrastructure

We are a stocking distributor for a range of pipeline products from leading global manufacturers, with efficient distribution networks across Aotearoa.

Our catalogue includes a wide range of control valves, including Large Diameter Valves, Solenoid Controlled Valves, Electric Control Valves, and Pressure Reducing Valves.

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Building and Construction

We provide a range of standard products for modern building and industrial projects, as well as customised solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of more demanding applications.

Our catalogue includes essential products such as Automatic Meter Reading, Filtration for Ground Source Heat Exchange, Backflow Prevention, and Fire Suppression System Control. These products play a critical role in powering many of the country's largest and most significant projects, ensuring their smooth and efficient operation.

Deeco - Building and Industry


We design and implement solutions for effective and cost-efficient use of water, and safe and sustainable management of wastewater in manufacturing.

We offer a range of Pipestands and Control Valve Builds.


Fire Protection

We are experts in designing and implementing robust fire protection solutions tailored for high-risk environments. Our specialised products are meticulously crafted for critical applications, ensuring effectiveness and reliability.

With a focus on Control Valve and Fire Control solutions, our range includes UL, FM, and AON-certified Backflow Preventers, Fire Pump Relief, Fire Water Tank Infill, Fire Deluge, and Pressure Reducing Valves. You can trust our solutions to meet the highest industry standards and provide the utmost level of fire protection.

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Training and ongoing support

In our line of work, no two projects are the same. We are committed to working together with our clients and partners in designing customised solutions and commissioning our products in the field at both a local and a national level. We also train people on day-to-day operations and maintenance of our products to ensure optimum performance throughout the product's lifetime.

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Our History

Established in 1938 in Wellington, Deeco has evolved into a trusted industry leader in Water Process Solutions. Over the course of eight decades, we have continuously adapted to meet the changing needs of our clients and partners.

Originally known as Dominion Construction, we specialised in importing mining and earthmoving equipment for notable civil construction projects. Our reputation grew, and we became representatives for renowned brands such as Johnson Screens and Bermad.

In 1989, Craig Ramsay took over as Managing Director and successfully rebuilt the company after economic challenges. Today, with a strong history of innovation and enduring relationships, Deeco remains committed to providing exceptional products and services.

How to make Deeco D

Why Deeco?

Our expertise is our superpower.

With a collective experience of over 275 years, our team of engineers are experienced and factory-trained, and we work together with our clients and partners from design to implementation. You can count on us to achieve your project outcomes, and that’s the Deeco promise.

Your trusted, long-term partner.

We've been in business since 1938 and show no signs of slowing down. Our commitment extends beyond delivering new solutions – we continue to provide training, support, and improvements to solutions we delivered decades ago. That's how you know we're in it for the long haul.

Our Values

The guiding principles that are important to us and how we operate.

Excellence - We are driven by a strong work ethic, fuelled by our commitment to quality, innovation, and determination to always strive for better.

Integrity - We believe in doing what's right, even when it's not easy. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and that’s the foundation of our trust.

Knowledge - We are dedicated to continuously learning and developing our expertise while empowering our partners to learn and grow alongside us.

Collaboration - We can move mountains when we work together. We are committed to knowledge-sharing, equality, and treating everybody with respect.

Sustainability - We strive to create a positive impact on the environment, our communities, and the economy, both today and for generations to come.