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Bermad - Model 73Q - Quick Pressure Relief Valve

Deeco - Bermad - 73Q - Product Image.
Brand: Bermad
Category: Control Valves, 700 Series
Size Range:



50 - 80mm - Threaded Female BSPT - Angle Pattern

Engineering Data:

Bermad - Model 700 - Sigma EN/ES - Engineering Data

Other Options:

Y Pattern - 50-600mm

Product Description

Hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated quick pressure relief valve that relieves excessive system pressure when such pressure rises above a pre-set value. It responds immediately, accurately, and with high repeatability to a rise in system pressure by opening fully. It also provides smooth drip-tight closing. BERMAD 700 series valves are hydraulically operated globe valves available in either standard oblique (Y) or angle (A) pattern design. They have a full-bore hydrodynamic body providing an unobstructed flow path, with a seat assembly and double chamber unitized actuator that can be disassembled from the body as a separate integral unit

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to - stand up to the toughest conditions
    • Excellent anti-cavitation properties
    • Wide flow range
    • High stability and accuracy
    • Drip tight sealing
  • Double chamber design
    • Moderated valve reaction
    • Protected diaphragm
    • Optional operation in very low pressure
    • Moderated closing curve
  • Flexible design - Easy addition of features
  • Obstacle-free flow pass
  • V-Port Throttling Plug (Optional) - Very stable at low flow
  • Compatible with various standards
  • High-quality materials
  • ֺ In-line serviceable - Easy maintenance

Major Additional Features

  • Flow stem – 73Q-M
  • Position indication – 73Q-S

Typical Installation

Bermad - Model-73Q - Typical Installation

Bermad - Model-73Q - Typical Installation

Technical Data



Bermad - Model-73Q - Closed Operation

This drawing refers to 40-200 mm sized valves only. For other sizes please refer to the Model’s IOM.


Bermad - Model-73Q - Open Operation

This drawing refers to 40-200 mm sized valves only. For other sizes please refer to the Model’s IOM.

Main Valve

Valve Patterns: “A” (angle)

Size Range: 50-80mm - Y Pattern 50-600mm

Pressure Rating: 16 bar - with higher pressure options available.

End Connections:

Threaded Female BSPT

Others: Available on request

Temperature Rating: 60°C for cold water applications

Optional Higher temperature: Available on request

Standard Materials:

Body & actuator: Ductile Iron

Bolts, nuts & studs: Stainless Steel

Internals: Stainless Steel, Tin Bronze & Coated Steel

Diaphragm: Fabric-reinforced synthetic rubber

Seals: Synthetic rubber

Coating: Dark blue Fusion bonded epoxy

Control System

Standard Materials:

Accessories: Stainless Steel, Bronze & Brass

Tubing: Stainless Steel or Copper

Fittings: Stainless Steel or Brass

Pilot Standard Materials:

Body: Stainless Steel, Bronze or Brass

Elastomers: Synthetic Rubber

Spring: Stainless Steel

Internals: Stainless Steel

Pilot Options:

Consult Deeco.


  • Main pipe diameter, pressure rating, flow rate and relief pressure are required for optimal sizing
  • Recommended continuous flow velocity: 0.3-15 m /sec.

Technical Specifications

For technical specifications (Flow charts, valve characteristics, dimensions, etc.) - Please refer to the Engineering Data:
Bermad - Model 700 - Sigma EN/ES - Engineering Data

Due to the wide range of options available and criteria for correct model selection, pricing and configuration are available on application only.

Please consult with Deeco engineers for more information.

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