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Bermad - Model C70 - Combination Air Valve

Bermad - C70 - Product Image
Brand: Bermad
Category: Air Valves, Combination Air Valves
Size Range:



50mm - Female Threaded BSP

80-250mm - Flanged

Product Description

BERMAD C70 is a high-quality combination air valve for a variety of water networks and operating conditions. It evacuates air during pipeline filling, allows efficient release of air pockets from pressurized pipes, and enables large volume air intake in the event of network draining. With its advanced aerodynamic design, double orifice, and Surge Protection (Anti-slam / slow closing) device, this valve provides excellent protection against air accumulation, vacuum formation, and pressure surges, with improved sealing in low-pressure conditions. The valve minimizes water spraying during air release.

Bermad - C70 - Customer installation

Bermad C70 - Customer Installation

Features & Benefits

  • Straight flow body with nominal (equal) inlet and outlet size: Higher than usual flow rates.
  • Aerodynamic full-body kinetic shield: Prevents premature closing without disturbing air intake or discharge
  • Dynamic sealing: Prevents leakage under low-pressure conditions (1.5 psi; 0.1 bar).
  • Minimizes water spraying during air release: Innovative 2-step function, automatic orifice (Patent Pending).
  • Three optional outlets (sideways, downwards, circular, surround mushroom configuration) that can swivel 360°. Easy to install in a variety of site conditions
  • Compact, simple, robust and reliable structure with fully corrosion-resistant parts: Lower maintenance and increased life span
  • Designed in compliance with functional standards and water service standards.
  • Factory approval and Quality Control: Performance and specification tested and measured with specialized test bench, including vacuum pressure conditions

Additional Features & Accessories

  • Built-in or optional slow closing anti-slam) devices: Controlled air relief to prevent damage to the valve and the system:
    • Surge Protection - the kinetic orifice is partially closed during the second stage of the air relief (C70-SP).
    • Assisted Closing - The kinetic orifice is set to be partially closed (C70-AC) or fully closed during air relief. When the kinetic orifice is fully closed during air relief, the air valve performs as a Vacuum Breaker.
  • Inflow Prevention: Prevents intake of atmospheric air in cases where this could lead to damaged pumps, required re-priming, or disruption of siphons; prevents intake of flood water or contaminated water into potable water networks (C70-IP).
  • Service Port fitted with ¼”; DN6 plug (codes P, U)
  • Drainage Valve (code Z)
  • Insect Screen (code S)

Typical Applications

  • Pumping stations and deep well pumps: Air relief, surge protection and vacuum prevention.
  • Pipelines: Protection against air accumulation and vacuum formation at elevations, slope change points and at road/ river crossings.
  • Water networks: Protection against vacuum formation, surge and water hammers at points likely to experience water column separation.

Technical Data

Inlet and Outlet Connections

  • Inlets: female threaded 2”; DN50, Flanged 2-10"; DN50-250
  • Outlets:
    • Downwards, complies with the additional features of SP and AC
    • Sideways 2-3”; DN50-80 female threaded, 4-8”; DN100-200 Grooved. Complies with additional features of SP, AC, and IP.
    • Mushroom (circular surround), 2-10”; DN50-250, complies with the additional feature of SP. PE Mushroom (C70-J) 2-4”; DN50-100 cover complies with AC.


  • Body and Cover:
    • Cast Ductile Iron (C70-C), for 2-10”; DN50-250
    • Stainless Steel (C70-N), for 2-6”; DN50-150
    • Cast Steel / WCB (C70-S), for 2-6”; DN50-150
    • Polyethylene Mushroom Cover (C70-J) for 2-8”; DN50-200
  • Coating: Fusion Bonded Epoxy, Blue
  • Top Plate: Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron
  • Float Assembly: Polypropylene, Glass-reinforced Nylon
  • Automatic Orifice: Stainless Steel
  • Elastomers: EPDM

Operational Data

  • Pressure Rating: 230 psi; ISO PN16, 360 psi; ISO PN25, 580 psi; ISO PN40
  • Minimum operating pressure: 1.5 psi; 0.1 bar
  • Maximum operating pressure: 230 psi; 16 bar, 360 psi; 25 bar, 580 psi; 40 bar
  • Media and operating temperature: Water, 33-140°F; 1-60°C

Orifice Specifications

Orifice Specification

Air Flow Performance Charts

Air Relief and Intake (Pipeline Filling, Draining and Vacuum Conditions)

Air Flow Chart 1
Air Flow Chart 2
Air Flow Chart 3
Air Flow Chart 4

Air Relief with Surge Protection (Pipeline Filling)

Air Relief Chart 1
Air Relief Chart 2
Air Relief Chart 3
Air Relief Chart 4

For higher automatic air release capacity, please contact Deeco.

Data for C70 with Surge Protection Feautres

Data fpr C70 SP Features

Air relief and intake charts for inlet sizes 2-8”; DN50-200 are based on actual measurements, measured during 2014-2015 in the Bermad Air Flow test bench, according to EN-1074/4 standard and recognized by AS-4598 (2008) standard. For Side outlet airflow performance, please consult with BERMAD. Use Bermad Air software for optimized Sizing & Positioning of Air Valves

Technical Specifications


C70- Cutaway

Dimensions and Weights

C70- Dimensions and Weights

Bermad - Model C70 - Combination Air Valve

High capacity air valve suitable for filling and drainage of water pipelines (large orifice), and secondary automatic orifice for entrapped air release. C/W Surge Protection.

Product Code Size Pressure Rating Description
ARC70-050-SP 50mm 16 Bar Ductile Iron - Down Outlet - Combination Air Valve - Surge Protection - Female BSP
ARC70-080-SP 80mm 16 Bar Ductile Iron - Down Outlet - Combination Air Valve - Surge protection - Flanged
ARC70-100-SP 100mm 16 Bar Ductile Iron - Down Outlet - Combination Air Valve - Surge Protection - Flanged
ARC70-150-SP 150mm 16 Bar Ductile iron - Down Outlet - Combination Air Valve - Surge Protection - Flanged
ARC70-200-SP 200mm 16 Bar Ductile Iron - Down Outlet - Combination Air Valve - Surge Protection - Flanged

PN25 & PN40 available on request - Please consult with Deeco.

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