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Filtersafe - Trident H Series - Automatic Hydraulic Self-Cleaning Filter

Deeco - Trident-H Series - Product Image
Brand: Filtersafe
Category: Filtration, Automatic Filters - Hydraulic
Filtration Degree:

80-500 micron

Filter Area:

upto 12000 cm²

Product Description

Filtersafe’s first automatic hydraulic self-cleaning filter is designed for near-zero maintenance. The Trident H will work constantly anywhere, providing a constant stream of clean, filtered water even during the flushing cycle. The Trident Hydraulic series is ideal for agricultural applications, as the filter does not require being attached to a power source.

Features and Benefits

  • Full operation even during the cleaning cycle
  • Full 316 stainless-steel construction
  • 4-Layer sintered screen with class-leading effective screen area
  • Continual operation – No downtime when flushing.
  • Highly effective cleaning with over 99% recovery rate and full-screen recovery
  • Horizontal and vertical models available to suit your needs
  • Easy access to internal parts
  • Failsafe NC Flush Valve
  • Bluetooth DC Powered Controller
  • Just Plug & Play!
  • Up to 600 m3/h Max. Flow Rate
  • 80 – 500 μm Filtration Degree
  • 10 bar Operating Pressure
  • Less than 1% Backwash Water Consumption
  • 2 bar (30 psi) Min. Operating Pressure
  • Up to 12,000 cm2 filter area
  • AD 2000 Design code
  • Temp 65°C
Trident H Series - Typical Installation

Filtersafe - Trident H Series - Typical Installation

Automatic Hydraulic Self-Cleaning Screen Filter Technology

Smartweave high-performance filtration screens

  • 4 Layer Sintered Structure
  • Enhanced Strength and Durability
  • High Effective Area
  • Available in 80-500μm
  • 316 Stainless Steel

Cleaning: Hydraulic drive

hydraulic drive
  • Reliable Turbine Drive System
  • Helical Scanner
  • Low Water Use
  • Low-pressure Operation 2 Bar
  • Large Nozzle Size
  • Low Maintenance
  • Filtration Process Continues During Flush Cycl

Cleans while in operation:

  1. The smartweave screen traps unwanted particles. The differential pressure (DP) between the inlet and outlet triggers the flush cycle via a solenoid.
  2. The flush enables water from the clean side of the screen to flow back through the screen into the scanner nozzle, removing captured particles on the screen surface.
  3. At the same time, the hydraulic turbine rotates the scanner, and the piston moves the scanner in a linear motion ensuring full coverage of the screen.
  4. All debris leaves the filter through the scanner and flush valve. The flushing cycle ends and the filter returns to its original state.

All settings are determined by the controller. Cleaning cycle initiation is possible via a preselected DP level, specific time, or combination of both. The length of the flush is customizable.

Filtersafe - Trident H Series - Cleaning

Robust Controller

The Filtron 1-10 & BT Controller automatically manages the flushing of your Trident H filters. Giving you easy access and control.

  • Large LCD-display and and 4 keys built for simplicity.
  • Robust and accurate embedded differential pressure sensor (durable up to 18 bar).
  • BLE (Bluetooth low energy) transmitter for easy programming with a smartphone App for up to 10 meters away.
  • Backflushing triggered by time, DP, or both.
  • Easy manual backflush button.
  • 24V AC and 12V DC latch solenoid operation

Bluetooth Controller App

The clear and user-friendly Controller App allows to remotely:

  • Supervise current backflush/irrigation status
  • Make changes in backflush/irrigation programs
  • Detect hardware problems such as looping warning
  • Open / Close outputs manually
  • Displays the Bluetooth reception, Controller name, Flush state, and battery voltage level.

Technical Data

General Data

Filtersafe - Trident H Series - General Data


Filtersafe - Trident H Series - Operation

Screen Data

Filtersafe - Trident H Series - Screen Data

Control & Electricity

Filtersafe - Trident H Series - Control and Electricity

Construction Materials

Filtersafe - Trident H Series - Construction Materials

*Dependent on filtration degree, water quality, and inlet size. Contact us for more information.

**Other Equipment & Materials are available on request.

Trident H Series Models and Head Loss Graphs

Trident 4800H

Trident 4800H

Head Loss Graph

Trident HeadLoss Graph

Trident 7200H

Trident 7200H

Head Loss Graph

Trident 7200H Head Loss Graph

Trident 9600H

Trident 9600H

Head Loss Graph

Trident 9600H Head Loss Graph

Trident 12000H

Trident 12000H

Head Loss Graph

Trident 12000H Head Loss Graph

Dimensional Drawing

Trident H Dimensional Drawing


Trident H Series - Dimensions
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