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Sensus - HRI-Mei

Sensus - HriMei - Product Image
Brand: Sensus
Category: Metering, Radio Tools & Accessories


Product Description

The HRI-Mei is a data capture device for MeiStream and MeiTwin MID bulk water meters. All MeiStream standard registers are prepared to receive the HRI Mei. The HRI-Mei can also be mounted afterward without breaking the meter’s seal. The HRI-Mei provides a high-resolution pulse output with water flow direction detection. Also, the data interface can be used for M-Bus applications. With the HRI-Mei all known data interfaces with Encoder, Electronic, and Hybrid registers can be replaced. Depending on the register a second pulser like the Opto OD can be plugged in additionally e.g., at the MeiStream. Also, other applications requiring reed switches or optical pulse outputs can be supported with only this one data capture device.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with bulk water meters with MeiStream and MeiTwin MID standard register.
  • Load-free inductive scanning of the meter’s pointer
  • Retrofittable
  • Detection of water flow direction
  • Electronic pulse output means no switch bouncing.
  • Pulse weight, mode, and length can be changed on-site.
  • Self-diagnostic and tamper detection
  • Battery lifetime up to 12 years. With external power supply i.e., the M-Bus central unit lifetime can be expanded.
  • Sealed housing (IP68)
  • Cable length 3m


  • Meter reading is based on billing purposes i.e., mobile reading systems.
  • Meter remote reading and profiling via cable fixed networks with M-Bus, radio modem, or GSM network.
  • Industrial control applications with the FM-1D/K or FM-2D
  • Data logging in conjunction with various data loggers, i.e. CDL.
  • Logging and transfer of flow profiles e. g. when using Water box internet access.
  • The robust design allows the use of the HRI-Mei in harsh environments like flooded pits.

Technical Data

Sensus - HRI - Mei - Diagram

Pulse output

According to pulse mode Opto-OD (NAMUR) compatible:

programmable pulse weights

(10, 25....1000) liter/pulse

Pulse length 6ms

NAMUR acc. EN 60947-5-6

Reed-RD compatible:

programmable pulse weights

(10, 25....10000) liter/pulse

Pulse length 32, 128 or 500ms

max. Voltage 48 Vdc

max. current 0,2 A

max. switching capacity 4 W.

Data interface

M-Bus (autodetected) Autom. detection of baud rate (300/2400Bd) and type of interface. Data protocol according to IEC870-5/EN1434-3 An Encoder mode provides an easy-to-use data protocol compatible with the encoder registers.

Transferred Data

Meter index

Fabrication number

Meter ID. equivalent to a secondary address

Monthly meter index for the programmable day

Meter index for programmable yearly key date and

for the year before

Min./max. water flow with date/time

Backward water volume with date/time

Broken pipe and leakage detection with programmable flow thresholds

Tamper detection (*)

The HRI-Mei can be programmed to transfer selected information.

Programmable Data

All changeable data can be set with Minicom software via the M-Bus / Minibus data interface. Minicom download is free of charge from the Sensus website.

(*) Requires tamper target at the meter.

Pulse Modes

The HRI-Mei provides 4 different pulse output modes via 2 lines. Parallel usage of the pulse output and serial output is not recommended and may cause problems depending on the application.

Mode B2:

I1: Forward pulses

I2: Backward pulses

Mode B3:

I1: For-/Backward pulses

I2: signal for the flow direction (1)

Mode B4 (default):

l1: balanced pulses (2)

l2: Alarm (opens when there is an alarm or cable cut) (3)

Mode B5:

Opto-OD (NAMUR) pulse output (6 ms)

I1: pulses with flow direction code

I2: not used.

Temperature range:

HRI-Mei standard for cold water (30 °C) and warm water (50 °C).

Environmental temperature range: -10 °C ... +60 °C

(1) Ground level means reverse flow

(2) Backward pulses are compensated by suppressing the same quantity of

forward pulses

(3) Alarms can be programmed for a broken pipe, leakage, tampering, cable cut

and indicated by the ground level at the output.

Technical Specifications

Classical Sensus pulses and equivalent HRI-Mei mode

Sensus - HRI - Mei - Modes

Possible Pulse Values

Sensus - HRI - Mei - Pulse Values

*) only for 612 MTW as bypass meter for MeiTwin

Indication example

HRI-Mei B4 D10 / T500 / 50 °C

Mode Divider / Pulse length/max. Medium temperature

Divider (D) =Pulse output / Pointer (pick up)

Sensus - HRI-Mei - How to Order

Product Code Size Description
HRI Mei 40 - 10L/P 40-125mm Pulse Output HRI-Mei for Meistream 40-125mm - 10L/P - Model B4
HRI Mei 40 - 100L/P 40-125mm Pulse Output HRI-Mei for Meistream 40-125mm - 100L/P - Model B4
HRI Mei 40 - 1000L/P 40-125mm Pulse Output HRI-Mei for Meistream 40-125mm - 1000L/P - Model B4
HRI Mei 150 - 100L/P 150-300mm Pulse Output HRI-Mei for Meistream 150-300mm - 100L/P - Model B4
HRI Mei 150 - 1000L/P 150-300mm Pulse Output HRI-Mei for Meistream 150-300mm - 1000L/P - Model B4

Pulse Output

Product Code Size Description
HRI Mei40+RF 40-125mm Pulse Output 'RF' to suit Sensus Meistream Plus Water Meters
HRI Mei150+RF 150-300mm Pulse Output 'RF' to suit Sensus Meistream Plus Water Meters
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