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Sensus - 620 C - Inline Composite - Water Meter

Sensus - 620C - Product Image
Brand: Sensus
Category: Metering, Domestic Water Meters
Size Range:



Male Threaded BSP


OIML R49:R160

Product Description

The MID-approved 620C is a high-accuracy meter, thanks to its unique piston measuring chamber that detects even the lowest flow rates. It is available in sizes from 15 to 20mm.

You can choose between a register with an integrated wiper or a sealed copper-glass version. For a more comfortable readout, the 620C is prepared for AMR.

The 620C with composite body is compatible with all new and planned regulations for potable water. Designed with recyclability in mind, it helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Features & Benefits

  • DN 15 to 20, PN16
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Compatibility with all new and planned regulations
  • for potable water
  • Unrivalled accuracy and measuring range
  • High resistance to impurities and aggressive water
  • Quiet operation


  • The 620C is a high-precision meter.
  • Due to its unique piston-measuring chamber, even drops of water are counted.
  • With the 620C you are assured of continuously good metrology.
  • A clear view is either provided through a register with an integrated wiper or a sealed metal/glass register that does not fog. For a faster and more comfortable readout, the 620C is prepared for AMR
  • Due to our broad product range of system solutions, you can adapt the 620C to all your AMR needs.
  • Not least by its tamper-proof design and its long life span, you can be confident in selecting the 620C.


EC type-examination certificate in conformity with

  • 2014/32/EU (MID)
  • OIML R49:2013
  • EN 14154:2005+A2:2011
  • ISO 4064:2014

Q3 2.5 DE-07-MI001-PTB002

Q3 4 DE-09-MI001-PTB004

Certificate of compliance for potable drinking water


WRAS (UK) Hydro check (B)


Technical Data

Performance Data

Metrological characteristics in accordance with Measuring Instruments Directive

Sensus - 620C - Mterological Data 1

(1) Values for R=400 (2) at R160

Metrological characteristics

Sensus - 620C - Mterological Data 2

* further available ratios Q3 / Q1: 315, 250, 200, 160, 125, 100, 80, 63, 50, 40

Typical Accuracy Curve

Sensus - 620C - Accuracy Curve

Typical Head Loss Curve

Sensus - 620C - Head Loss Curve

Typical Marking

Sensus - 620C - Dial

Markings can vary according to different market or metrological specifications.

Accuracy and reliability

Thanks to the advanced design of its measuring chamber the meter has an extremely low starting flow. It can be supplied with a metrological seal according to the MID regulation 2014/32/EU with a ratio R up to 400.

Foreign matter present in the water is filtered out by either the tubular strainer on the inlet or the seat strainer. Particles can go through the meter without damage; the patented elastic pivot enables the particles to pass between the piston and the measuring chamber. All the gears are situated in the dry register, which eliminates any risk of blockage due to suspended particles in the water.

The 620C/620MC water meter keeps its metrological accuracy for many years of operation, even in very difficult working conditions.


The display on 8 drums (5 for m3, 3 for liters) and 1 pointer ensures perfect readability. The lowest resolution is 0.05 liters. The dial has a central disc whose rotation indicates the passage of water. This indicator can be used to reveal a downstream leak. The plastic dial is equipped with a wiper for optimum legibility under all conditions. The 620C/620MC water meter can operate in any position and its dry dial register can be rotated up to 350º. The dial can therefore be easily read under all conditions of use. As an option, the meter can be supplied with a metal/glass register, making it perfectly water-tight (IP 68).

AMR fitting

The dial of the meter is equipped as standard with a pointer able to activate the HRI sensor. By detecting the rotation of the pointer and its direction, the electronic circuitry of the HRI converts this into reliable electrical output signals. For more information refer to Sensus - HRI

The HRI is available in two variants:

1) HRI-A Pulse Unit

This gives a pulse output that can be used for reliable counting of the volume.

2) HRI-B Data Unit

The HRI Data unit is a data interface that supplies the meter reading as well as the serial or customer number. This version additionally provides a pulse output as described above.

The HRI data Unit can be connected to an M-Bus network for remote reading or a MiniPad for mobile inductive reading (Minibus). both in accordance with the IEC 870 protocol.

Sensus - 620C - HRI - Image

Sensus - 620C with HRI A4

Technical Specifications

Cross Section

Sensus - 620C - Cutaway

Dimensions and Weights

Sensus - 620C - Dimensional Drawing
Sensus - 620C - Dimensions and Weights

(1) Also available in length 110, 115, 134 and 165 mm

(2) Also available in length 165 and 190 mm with 1" threads

(3) Also available in length 105, 165 and 220 mm

Spare Parts

Nuts and Tails - Composite

Product Code Size Description
62015-TC 15mm Nuts & Tails - Composite.
62020-TC 20mm Nuts & Tails - Composite.

Sensus - 620 C - Inline Composite - Water Meter

Inline Composite Balanced Rotary Piston Meter. OIML R49:R160

Product Code Size Description
62015C 15mm Inline Piston Meter, Composite.OIML R49:R160, Q3 2.5m3/h, Body Length 134mm (c/w 2 x Nuts and Tails)
62020C 20mm Inline Piston Meter, Composite.OIML R49:R160, Q3 4m3/h, Body Length 165mm (c/w 2 x Nuts and Tails)

Pulse Output

Click here for more information about Sensus HRI

Product Code Size Description
HRI-1L/P All Sensus HRI Pulse Unit 1L/P for Sensus 620 Series - Model B4
HRI-10L/P All Sensus HRI Pulse Unit 10L/P for Sensus 620 Series - Model B4
HRI-100L/P All Sensus HRI Pulse Unit 100L/P for Sensus 620 Series - Model B4
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