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Sensus - 640MC/640C - Manifold Composite/Inline - Radio Water Meter

Sensus 640 C,MC - Product Image
Brand: Sensus
Category: Metering, Radio Water Meters
Size Range:

640MC - Manifold

640C - 20mm Inline


Male Threaded BSP


433 MHz


640MC - OIML R49:R400

640C - OIML R49:R160

Product Description

The 640MC/640C is a MID-approved high-accuracy water meter with a unique piston measuring chamber that detects even the lowest flow rates for well-proven metrology.

Designed with recyclability in mind and encased in a composite body, the 640C/640MC complies with all new and planned regulations for potable water and will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Its integrated radio functionality enables the meter to quickly and easily communicate with your water network data.

Features and Benefits

  • DN 15 to 20 and Coax, MAP 16, T50 (temperature range 0.1 to 50 °C)
  • Light and robust
  • Easy to handle.
  • Meets current and anticipated regulations for potable water.
  • 33% lower carbon footprint than equivalent brass meters
  • High resistance to impurities and aggressive water
  • Quiet operation
  • Ready for wireless communication with integrated radio functionality (available in different frequencies)
  • Long battery life expectation inclusive of metrology and radio function
  • The register includes two lithium batteries.

Typical Applications

  • The 640C/640MC is a high-precision meter.
  • Due to its unique piston and measuring chamber design, the smallest drops of water are measured.
  • With the 640C/640MC, you are assured of lasting metrology.
  • The 640C meter range includes an electronic register with integrated radio functionality which enables easy and fast communication.
  • Due to our broad range of system solutions, you can adapt the 640C/640MC to all your AMR, AMI requirements.
  • The protection class of the electronic register of the 640C family is IP 68.
  • With a tamper-proof design and its long life span, you can be confident when selecting the 640C/640MC.


EU type-examination certificate in conformity with

  • 2014/32/EU (MID)
  • OIML R49:2013
  • EN 14154-4:2014
  • ISO 4064:2017

Q3 2.5 DE-07-MI001-PTB002

Q3 4 DE-09-MI001-PTB004

Certificate of compliance for potable drinking water

  • KTW/DVGW (D)
  • ACS (F)
  • WRAS (UK)
  • Hydro check (B)

Technical Data

Typical Headloss Curve

Sensus - 640C,MC - Typical Head Loss Curve

Sensus - 640C,MC - Typical Head Loss Curve

Typical Error Curve

Sensus - 640C,MC - Typical Error Curve

Sensus - 640C,MC - Typical Error Curve

Metrological Characteristics in Accordance with Measuring Instruments Directive

Sensus - 640C,MC - Metrological Characteristics

* further available ratios Q3 / Q1: 315, 250, 200, 160, 125, 100, 80, 63, 50, 40

Typical Marking

Sensus - 640C,MC - Typical Marking

Markings may vary depending on particular markets or metrological specifications.


1 - CE - Marking for health, safety and environmental protection standards.

1 - SENSUS - Manufacturer

3 - M16 - The M plus number in the rectangular box stands for Measure and the year it was marked.

0102 - Identification number of Notified Bodies responsible for surveillance - 0102 - PBY

4 - Q3 2.5 m3/h - OIML R49 Nominal Flow Rate

5 - R 400 - OIML R49 Turn Down ‘R’ Value. - (Q3/Q1)*R400

6 - MAP 16 bar - OIML Max Application Pressure Rating

7 - T50 - OIML Maximum Liquid Temperature Rating Class - 50C

8 - WEEE Symbol - The symbol indicates that the product should not be discarded as unsorted waste but must be sent to separate collection facilities for recovery and recycling.

9 - Battery - Lithium Ion battery + Battery lifetime/end

10 - DE-07-MI001-PTB002 - Manufacturer Markings

11 - 640 - Meter type/model

12 - Radio symbol + 10310025291 - SRF/Radio address of the meter

13 - Barcode - The barcode includes the SRF/Radio address.

14 - 2016-7 - Assembly date (Year - Month)

15 - 8 SEN 03 1002 5291 - Meter ID

8 = Water

SEN = Sensus

03 1002 5291 = Serial Number

16 - FW 10 - Meter firmware version


The display with 9 digits (6 for m3, 3 for litres) ensures exceptional readability. The highest resolution in testing mode is 0.05 litres.

Icons are also displayed on the LCD to indicate important information have been registered:

Sensus - Icons

Sensus - 640C,MC - Icons

Sensus - 640C,MC - Icons 2

Battery Lifetime

Sensus - 640C,MC - Battery Lifetime

(1) calculated lifetime with typical power consumption of electronics under allowed ambient condition

Starting Flow

Sensus - 640C,MC - Starting Flow

Sensus - 640C,MC - Starting Flow

640C / 640MC Infrastructure

The 640C product range has SensusRF integrated technology providing the advantages of both uni- and bidirectional system architecture as described below. SensusRF is the optimized license-free radio system for battery-driven endpoints and repeaters. Scalable for mobile and remote reading without the exchange of components, it is available at 433 MHz and is OMS compatible.


SensusRF offers two communication modes.

1) Fixed Radio Network

  • Auto configuration wizard (gateway sniffing for endpoints and repeaters)
  • Integrating repeaters (up to 7 hops in a chain)
  • Self-healing network (using alternative routes)
  • The meter reading is transparent and local.
  • Fast track alarms
  • DMA snapshot of a water network for evaluation)
  • TCP/IP technology for the WAN communication
  • High level of data security (end-to-end encryption)
  • Enables cloud technologies, FTP, and other remote database applications.

2) Mobile read - Walk-by / Drive-by

  • Unidirectional telegrams
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Spontaneous reception is possible without a route.
  • Configuration of the endpoint
Sensus - Uni-Bi - Communication

SIRT (Sensus Interface Radio Tool)

SIRT is a radio modem for SensusRF radio, connected to a handheld via Bluetooth and using DIAVASO Mobile Reading software with the following features:

  • Installation and readout of devices
  • Reception of frequently transmitted radio messages from Sensus RF radio endpoints
  • Request additional information from the radio endpoints.
  • Change configuration of radio endpoints (alarm, level settings... )

Technical Specifications

Cross Section

Sensus - 640C,MC - Cross Section

Sensus - 640C,MC - Cross Section

Dimensional Diagram

Sensus - 640C,MC - Dimensional Diagram

Sensus - 640C,MC - Dimensional Diagram

Dimensions and Weights

Sensus - 640C,MC - Dimensions and Weights

(1) Also available in length 110, 115, 134 and 165 mm

(2) Also available in length 165 and 190 mm with 1" threads

(3) Also available in length 105, 165 and 220 mm

Sensus - 640MC/640C - Manifold Composite/Inline - Radio Water Meter

Manifold and Inline Composite Mechanical Piston ‘RF’ Smart Water Meter.

Product Code Size Description
640MC - Manifold Piston Meter with Inbuilt Sensus 'RF' for AMR/AMI and Data Logging Capability. OIML R49:R400, Q3 2.5m³/h.
64020C 20mm Inline Piston Meter with Inbuilt Sensus 'RF' for AMR/AMI and Data Logging Capability. OIML R49:R160, Q3 4m³/h, Body Length 190mm.
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