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Sensus - 620 B - Inline Brass - Water Meter

Sensus - 620 B - Inline Brass - Water Meter
Brand: Sensus
Category: Metering, Domestic Water Meters
Size Range:



Male Threaded BSP


OIML R49:R160

Product Description

620B is a high-precision, MID-approved R400 volumetric water meter with a unique piston measuring chamber that detects even the lowest flow rates. You can choose between a register with an integrated wiper or a sealed copper-glass version. For a more comfortable readout, the 620B is prepared for AMR.

Features & Benefits

  • DN 15 to 40, PN 16
  • unrivalled accuracy and measuring range.
  • Small pressure drop
  • High resistance to impurities
  • Quiet operation
  • Available with EEC and MID approvals (DN 15 & 20)

Available options

  • HRI electronic sensor (Pulse Unit, Data Unit)
  • Connectors
  • Non-return valve
  • Metal/glass register


EC pattern approval in conformity with:

  • 15/33/EEC
  • 71/316/EEC

DN 15 & 20 - D.96/6.123.05

DN 25 & 30 - B.83/32.38

DN 40 - B.77/32.04

EC type-examination certificate in conformity with:

  • 2004/22/EC (MID)
  • EN 14154:2007
  • OIML R49:2006

Q3 2,5 - DE-07-MI001-PTB002

Q3 4 - DE-07-MI001-PTB004

Certificate of compliance for potable drinking water in conformity with:

  • KTW/DVGW (D) - Hydro check (B)
  • ACS (F) - KIWA (NL)
  • WRAS (UK)

Technical Data

Performance Data

Metrological Characteristics - EEC Directive 75/33

Sensus - 620B - Mterological Data 1

(1) Also available with Qn 6

Metrological Characteristics - Directive 2004/22/EC (MID) & EN 14154

Sensus - 620B - Mterological Data 2

(1) values for R = 400

Operational Characteristics (manufacturer's data)

Sensus - 620B - Operational Characteristics

Typical Accuracy Curve

Sensus - 620B - Accuracy Curve

Sensus - 620B - Typical Accuracy Curve

Typical Pressure Drop Curve

Sensus - 620B - Pressure Drop Curve

Sensus - 620B - Typical Head Loss Curve

Typical Marking

Sensus - 620 - Typical Marking

Markings can vary according to different market or metrological specifications.


The display on 8 drums (5 for m³, 3 for litres) and 1 pointer ensures perfect readability. The lowest resolution is 0.05 litres. The dial has a central disc whose rotation indicates the passage of water. This indicator can be used to reveal a downstream leak.

The plastic dial is equipped with a wiper for optimum legibility under all conditions. The 620 water meter can operate in any position and its dry dial register can be rotated up to 350º. The dial can therefore be easily read under all conditions of use. As an option, the meter can be supplied with a metal/glass register, making it perfectly water-tight (IP 68).


The development of a new material with a density close to that of water and an enhanced quality of surface finish results in a piston that glides easily in the measuring chamber at very low flows. The smallest leakage downstream of the meter can therefore be registered.

The measuring range of 620 meters is much wider than class C requirements. With the approval according to the new MID regulation, a Q3/Q1 ratio up to 400 can be obtained that combines the precision at both small and high flow rates.


The exclusive composite material of the piston of the 620 meter combines lightness and excellent surface conditions. The piston can move in the measuring chamber without friction and also with very low wear.

Foreign matter present in the water can be filtered first by the tubular strainer, then by the seat strainer. The smallest particles can go through the meter without damage; the elastic pivot enables the particles to pass between the piston and the measuring box. In this case, the surface hardness of the piston and the measuring box avoids scratches.

All the gears are situated in the dry part of the meter (totalizer), which removes any risk of blockage due to suspended matter in the water.

The 620 water meter keeps its metrological accuracy for many years of operation, even in very difficult working conditions.

Tampering Protection

The 620 meter is designed with tamper protection to avoid any misuse of the meter.

The plastic register is equipped with a tamper indicator (blue pin) whose breakage provides obvious evidence of any tampering attempt with a screw clamp for example. When using a metal/glass register, a clear glass break will then occur.

The meter is always equipped as standard with magnetic protection to protect the magnetic transmission against magnetic fields. Any attempt to open the meter bonnet will cause this plastic part to break.

AMR fitting

The dial of the meter is equipped as standard with a pointer, able to activate the HRI sensor. The HRI reproduces the mechanical register index exactly by detecting the direction of rotation of the pointer. It provides a reliable pulse and data interface for remote and mobile readout. The HRI can be fitted in the field on already installed Sentinel water meters or ordered factory fitted to the meter.

For more information, refer to Sensus - HRI

The HRI is available in two variants:

1) HRI-A Pulse Unit

The liter pointer activates the HRI allowing a basic resolution of one liter per pulse. The output pulse value can be factory set using the divisor D (e.g. D = 100 means 1 pulse per 100 liter)

The possible pulse output D values are:

1 / 10 / 100 / 1000 / 2.5 / 25 / 250

2) HRI-B Data Unit

The HRI Data unit is a data interface that supplies the meter reading as well as the serial or customer number. This version additionally provides a pulse output as described above.

The HRI data Unit can be connected to an M-Bus network for remote reading or a MiniPad for mobile inductive reading (Minibus). both in accordance with the IEC 870 protocol.

Sensus - 620B - HRI

Sensus - 620B with HRI A4

Installation and Maintenance Instructions

For complete installation instructions, please refer to IOM - Sensus - 620 Water Meter.

The 620 meters must be installed at a low point of the pipeline, with the arrow cast on the body showing the direction of the water flow. Before fitting the water meter, all pipework must be flushed out to remove all impurities.

An upstream stop valve is recommended to allow the installation and removal of the water meter.

During tightening, the meter must be maintained in position with a standard tool using the flat on the meter body.

When turning on the water supply, the upstream valve must be opened slowly so that the water fills the meter as smoothly as possible.

No special maintenance is required.

Technical Specifications

Cross Section

Sensus - 620 - Cross Section

Sensus - 620B - Cross Section

Dimensional Diagram

Sensus - 620B - Drawing 1
Sensus - 620B - Drawing 2

Sensus - 620B - Dimensional diagram

Dimensions and Weights

Sensus - 620B - Dimensions

(1) Also available in length 110, 115, 134 and 165 mm

(2) Also available in length 165 mm with 1" threads

(3) Also available in length 130 and 165 mm

(4) Also available in length 198 mm (with Q3 4)

Spare Parts

Product Code Size Description
62015-T 15mm Nuts & Tails - Brass
62020-T 20mm Nuts & Tails - Brass
62025-T 25mm Nuts & Tails - Brass
62030-T 30mm Nuts & Tails - Brass
62040-T 40mm Nuts & Tails - Brass
Product Code Size Description
62015-CT 15mm Single Check Valve Meter Tail - Brass
62020-CT 20mm Single Check Valve Meter Tail - Brass
62025-CT 25mm Single Check Valve Meter Tail - Brass
Product Code Size Description
62015-2CT 15mm Dual Check Valve Meter Tail - Brass
62020-2CT 20mm Dual Check Valve Meter Tail - Brass
62025-2CT 25mm Dual Check Valve Meter Tail - Brass
fibre washer
Product Code Size Description
62015-W 15mm Fibre Washer
62020-W 20mm Fibre Washer
62025-W 25mm Fibre Washer
62030-W 30mm Fibre Washer
62040-W 40mm Fibre Washer
62050-W 50mm Fibre Washer

Sensus - 620 B - Inline Brass - Water Meter

Inline Brass Balanced Rotary Piston Meter. OIML R49:R160

Product Code Size Description
62020B 20mm Inline Piston Meter, Brass.OIML R49:R160, Q3 4m³/h, Body Length 165mm (c/w 2 x Nuts and Tails)
62025BS 25mm Inline Piston Meter, Brass.OIML R49:R160, Q3 4m³/h, Short Body Length 198mm (c/w 2 x Nuts and Tails)
62025B 25mm Inline Piston Meter, Brass.OIML R49:R160, Q3 6m³/h, Body Length 260mm (c/w 2 x Nuts and Tails)
62030B 32mm Inline Piston Meter, Brass.OIML R49:R160, Q3 10m³/h, Body Length 260mm (c/w 2 x Nuts and Tails)
62040B 40mm Inline Piston Meter, Brass.OIML R49:R160, Q3 16m³/h, Body Length 300mm (c/w 2 x Nuts and Tails)

Pulse Output

Applies to both 620 Inline and 620 manifold Water Meters.

Click here for more information about Sensus HRI

Product Code Size Description
HRI-1L/P All Sensus HRI Pulse Unit 1L/P for Sensus 620 Series - Model B4
HRI-10L/P All Sensus HRI Pulse Unit 10L/P for Sensus 620 Series - Model B4
HRI-100L/P All Sensus HRI Pulse Unit 100L/P for Sensus 620 Series - Model B4

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