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Sensus - RF Gateway

Product Description

The Sensus Gateway Sensor Interface has been designed to receive and transfer meter data over a long range via 4G communication.

It is compatible with all Sensus RF Water Meters.


  • Handles up to 1000 endpoints (meters)
  • LoS meter distance up to 500m
  • Dual SIM card Modem
  • 433 Mhz Frequency


Typical Applications

Compact Gateway or fixed Radio network with built-in management software.

The gateway is compatible with CM03 (Sensus Diavaso Server) for automatic meter reporting and data collection.

The Gateway is designed to receive meter data of meter Endpoints in a periodic interval or communicate on demand and transfer the data on the long range via 4G Cellular communication.

It can be used with any 24VDC or 12VDC Power Supply.


Technical Data

Sensus - RF Gateway - Tech Data

Technical Specifications


Sensus - RF Gateway - Dimensions

Sensus - RF Gateway

Product Code Description
RF-GATEWAY Sensus -Mains Powered Gateway c/w Lite Meter Reading Management Software - 433 MHz
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