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Sensus - RF SIRT - Sensus Interface Radio Tool

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Brand: Sensus
Category: Metering, Radio Tools & Accessories

433 MHz

Product Description

The Sensus Interface Radio Tool (SIRT) is a battery-powered radio transceiver modem used to communicate with SensusRF and Wireless M-Bus capable meters.

Typical Applications

Using Sensus-developed software, it provides the user with the ability to:

  • Receive frequently transmitted radio messages from SensusRF radio endpoints.
  • Receive radio telegrams from Wireless M-Bus meters.
  • Retrieve additional information from SensusRF radio endpoints using Listen After Talk (LAT) technology.
  • Instigate remote configuration of SensusRF radio endpoints.

The SIRT incorporates an internal antenna array to receive radio messages from the strongest signal (diversity capability).

Follow system requirements according to Sensus manuals.

The SIRT is provided with a rear clip to carry it as a belt box, which enables hands-free usage for walk-by meter readings. It can also be used for drive-by applications - an optional car antenna is available as an accessory. The SIRT contains a high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which enables long operational performance before it must be recharged. This battery must be handled and charged in accordance with the installation manual. A battery charger with a standard European power plug is supplied. The external antenna plug, and the USB plug are provided with caps for protection against rainwater ingress.



Belt clip at the rear

SIRT Front

Mini USB plug, ON/OFF switch and connector for external car antenna

Technical Data

Environmental Conditions

Sensus - SIRT - Environmental conditions

Sensus - SIRT - Environmental conditions


Sensus - SIRT - Approvals

Sensus - SIRT - Approvals

Parts of Delivery

SIRT 433 MHz

  • SIRT radio modem with internal antennas
  • USB cable with Mini B- and Type A-plug
  • 100-240V 50/60Hz to USB 5V/1A mains power supply with European C-type plug
Sensus - SIRT - Parts of Delivery

Sensus - SIRT - Parts of Delivery


  • External car antenna 433 MHz
Sensus - SIRT - Accessories

Sensus - SIRT - Accessories


The SIRT contains a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. In the interest of protecting the environment, this battery may not be disposed of in household waste after its period of use. The local and national regulations for environmental protection are to be considered.

Technical Specifications

Sensus - SIRT - Technical Specifications

Sensus - SIRT - Technical Specifications

Sensus - RF SIRT - Sensus Interface Radio Tool

Product Code Frequency Description
RF SIRT 433 MHz SENSUS Interface Radio Tool & Charger
RF Antenna 433 MHz Vehicle Magnetic Mount Antenna
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