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Talgil - DREAM Console Software & Spot App

Talgil - Console PC Software - Main Image
Brand: Talgil
Category: Irrigation-Automation, Software & Cloud Apps
Console Software:

Windows OS: Windows XP and newer - x64 or x86
Mac OS: via Windows Virtual Machine

Mobile Spot3 App:

Apple: iOS 11.0 or later.
Android: Version 9 or later.

Product Description

Talgil DREAM Console Software

The DREAM Irrigation Control system is a modern distributed control system based on the powerful DREAM 2 irrigation controllers that can be communicated through the Internet anywhere and anytime.

The Console Software from Talgil is a Windows desktop application that allows controlling multiple controllers at the same time.


Talgil Console Software - Irrigation Programs Overview

The CONSOLE Software allows:

  • Supervise current Irrigation status
  • Make changes in irrigation programs
  • Create Scada control maps
  • Analyse statistical data in tables or graphs
  • Create sophisticated reports - on water & fertilizer consumption
  • Detect hardware problems
  • Create new / change existing configuration
  • Update the controller's firmware
  • Open / Close outputs manually
  • And much more!

This product page shows only a smart portion of the Talgil Console Software. For more details or additional information, please contact our engineers.

The Main Menu Section

The subjects of the Main Menu are grouped into meaningful groups; each group contains the relevant subjects. There are four groups:

- Monitor Section - Deals with monitoring the current activities.

- Plan Section - deals with all the planning that the user may have to do.

- Analyze Section- Deals with analyzing accumulated historical information.

- Configure Section - Deals with all the information related to the system setup.

The homepage view is also fully customizable, and the user can create his own dashboards.

Talgil - Console Software & Spot App - Console Image 1

Talgil Console Software - Homepage Window

The Monitor Section

Irrigation Status

The Irrigation status
perspective is meant to supply the user with the most relevant information about the ongoing activities in his system. The perspective operates in the context of multiple targets (controllers).

The perspective is divided into several views, and the user can decide which views will be displayed and which will be hidden.

Talgil - Console Software & Spot App - Console Image 6

Talgil - Console Software - Irrigation Status


The Maps
perspective is dedicated for supplying a visual picture of the state and the activities of one or more targets (controllers).

Users may construct various maps, give them names and then switch amongst them to access a particular visual slice of the system.

As background, the user can select to use a Schematic drawing of the network or a Topographic map view.

On this background, the user can place an arbitrary combination of objects by dragging and dropping from the selection panel that contains all the components constituting the controller's image.

When the map is complete, the combination of objects supplies a vivid picture by animation effects and changing colours.

Talgil - Console Software & Spot App - Console Image 5

Talgil Console Software - Map View

The Plan Section

Irrigation Programs

The design of the perspective of the Irrigation Programs took into consideration the needs of the users so that they would be able to get as much related information as they may need without having to him back and forth between perspectives and yet not overload the screen with too much information.

Talgil - Console Software & Spot App - Console Image 2

Talgil Console Software - List of Irrigation Programs + Modify Irrigation Program Window.


Conditions can be set for identifying various types of events in the system.

When a condition becomes true, it may influence the operation of Irrigation programs or Satellites.

An irrigation program may Start / Stop / be Enabled / be Disabled by condition.

A Satellite attached to a Condition will remain activated as long as the Condition remains true.

Conditions can also be combined for the highest level of precision.

Talgil - Console Software & Spot App - Console Image 3

Talgil Console Software - Condition Library Window

The Analyze Section

Irrigation Performance / Log

The Irrigation performance perspective supplies various tools for analyzing historical data of activities in the system. The selected items activities along the given time pan are presented in a graphical view, enabling one to put one against the other, for example, the starting and stopping of irrigation programs, opening and closing of valves, starting and stopping pumps, etc.

Additionally, statuses of digital inputs, statuses of defined conditions, statuses of RTUs and the status of the battery can also be presented in the graph. To complete the picture of values of analog sensors or flow of water meters can also be included in the same graph.

Talgil - Console Software & Spot App - Console Image 8

Talgil Console Software - Irrigation Log

Analog Sensors

The specialty of the Analog Sensors perspective is that it can be divided into 1-5 charts, each chart with its own axes; this enables placing one against the other sensors with highly different ranges of values without causing the lover values to become nearly flat line compared with the high values of the other sensor.

Talgil - Console Software & Spot App - Console Image 4

Talgil Console Software - Data Analysis / Analog Sensors window

Data Reports

The Data reports perspective is the place where the user may define formatted documents by which various reports may be generated.

There are various types of reports.

  • Consumption reports
  • Raw data reports
  • Event Log reports

Consumption Reports may refer to a selected group of valves, to a selected group of water meters, to certain crops, or to certain plots. These reports will supply data about the consumption of the selected items.

Raw Data Reports may refer to an arbitrary combination of items picked from the target's (controller's) image and will supply information about their statuses.

Event Log Reports will contain a list of events taken from the memorized Event log and optionally filtered by Severity, Facility, and/or belonging object.

The defined reports are just skeletons that do not contain any data until really generated. The user will be able to generate reports on manual demand, or reports can be scheduled to be generated automatically in a predefined cycle.

The generated reports can be set to be delivered as e-mails to the listed recipient in Excel worksheet format (csv).

Talgil - Console Software & Spot App - Console Image 7

Talgil - Console Software - Data Reports Window

The Configure Section

The configure section
is an extensive section that covers all configurations or settings of the system.

That includes:

  • User Preferences
  • Contacts
  • Pumps
  • Notifications
  • Constants
  • Dealers Definitions
  • Data Acquisition
  • Water sources
  • Hardware
  • Names
  • Tools for technicians and users
  • and much more!
Talgil - Console Software & Spot App - Console Image 9

Talgil - Console Software - Dealer Definitions Window

Talgil Spot3 - Professional Smartphone Application

The Spot App from Talgil is a mobile application that offers a solution for planning, monitoring and analyzing irrigation and allows controlling multiple controllers from anywhere at any time via the internet.

Talgil - Spot App - Image 1
Talgil - Spot App - Image 2

The Console Software is licensed software for the Talgil controllers range.

License and user access are only provided to the end user and our distributors.

For more information, please contact us.

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