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Talgil - SAPIR 2 - Advanced Irrigation Controller

Product Descriptions

The SAPIR 2 is the next generation of central control irrigation systems. It allows combining various technologies to suit each project's specific needs.

It is an Internet-enabled controller so the user can control everything from his PC or Smartphone.

The SAPIR 2 is the perfect solution for small to medium irrigation projects with a single irrigation head, suitable for both simple and most demanding applications.

Talgil - Sapir2 - Description

Talgil - SAPIR 2 Controller

Features and Benefits

Modular & Flexible Hardware

  • Maximum 32 outputs - Can be divided between local and radio RTU
  • Local on-board:
    • Modular 4/8/12/16 Outputs - 12V DC Latch or 24V AC
    • 8 Digital Inputs - Water meter, fertilizer meters, DP, water level float etc.
    • 4 Analog Inputs - Pressure Sensor, ultrasonic water meter, soil moisture etc.
  • Radio RTU - License free, up top 3km (30km with repeaters)

Talgil - DREAM2 - Communication

Talgil - SAPIR2 - Radio Communication


  • Up to 16 irrigation programs
  • One Irrigation Line
  • Water dosage by Time, Volume, Volume per area and ET
  • Irrigation by days of the week or cycle of days
  • Single-cycle or pulse irrigation
  • Start: By time, condition, manually
  • Flexible programming - Valve by valve, groups by group or a combination of both.
  • Main valve operation delayed, advanced, or together with the irrigation valves.


  • Up to 4 fertilizers and booster control
  • Fertilization modes: Time (hh:mm:ss), Volume (Litres), Concentration (L/m3) and Proportional volume.
  • Three-stage fertigation: Pre-watering, injection, and post-watering


  • Flushing by time, by DP or both
  • Definable parameters: Flushing interval, Pre dwell time, Dwell time, Flushing time, PD delay.
  • Endless looping detection and prevention.
  • Accumulation of flushing cycles by time and by PD.


  • High flow, Low flow, Water leakage, Low pressure
  • Fertilizer leakage, No pulses from fertilizer injector
  • PD sensor failure
  • Low battery, No AC


  • Smartphone application – DREAM SPOT. From any device on any operating system.
  • Wi-Fi, 4G Modem
  • Push alarm notifications to user's phone
  • Remote firmware upgrade (OTA).

Full integration, monitoring, and command of:

  • Water Systems - Water sources – 1
    • Pump - On/Off Control (Including duty selection), Mainline Pressure Monitoring, and Pump/System Faults.
    • Solenoid Field Valves - On/Off Control, High/Low Water Flow, Water Usage.
    • Flow Meter - High/Low Water Flow, Water Usage (per Zone/Meter/Specified Area), Leak/Burst Alerts.
    • Tank/Dam Level - Including automatic filling. With volume optimisation based on resource consent limitations.
    • Spray/Stock/Domestic Water - On/Off Control of Pump, High/Low Water Flow, Water Usage, Leak/Burst alerts.

  • Frost Systems
    • Automated frost protection system triggered by temperature sensor or switch.

  • Filtration Systems
    • Backwash Valve control, Pressure Differential monitoring.

  • Fertigation Systems
    • pH / EC, fertiliser meters, proportional dosing, bulk/time injection.

  • Waste Water
    • Waste Water disposal via irrigation based on tank/ pond level, Tank Level monitoring, and pH level monitoring.

  • 4-20mA, 0-5V, SDI Sensors and Weather Stations
    • Including soil moisture, air temperature, complete weather stations and many more.
    • Automated irrigation based on soil moisture sensor thresholds or ET

Additional Features & Accessories

  • Advanced Mobile Software - Spot App
  • Powerful Analytical Tools
  • Wi-Fi - Local connection
  • Modular hardware
  • API ready – communicates with all 3rd Decision-making systems
  • and much more!
Talgil - Spot App - Image 2

Typical Applications

  • Monitoring, analytical planning, and irrigation control tools
  • Monitoring/controlling climate and other environmental parameters
  • Providing farms in remote areas with remote control over cellular communication
Talgil - Sapir2 - Typical application
Talgil - Sapir2 - Typical Application
Talgil - Sapir2 - Typical Application

Technical Specifications

  • Construction Materials: UV Resistant ABS
  • Temperatures: Ambient: -17 to +60ºC; Storage: -30ºC to +70ºC
  • Protection Rating: IP67, NEMA X4

Configuration Options

Talgil - DREAM2 - Configuration Options

Technical Data

Connectivity with the field's control components

  • Connectivity with the field's control components:
    • Local AC or DC digital and analog I/Os
    • Radio RTU
      • RTUs with various digital and analog I/Os

Connectivity with the Cloud

  • 4G Cellular Modem
  • Local Wi-Fi connection
  • External Wi-Fi Module

The new Wi-Fi card allows the SAPIR 2 / SAPIR 2 MINI to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.

  • The Wi-Fi card is installed in the same place as the cellular modem
  • The configuration of the Wi-Fi network is done using the TOOLBOX App
Talgil - SAPIR2 - Wifi Module

SAPIR 2 Controller with the new Wi-Fi Module

SAPIR2 Versions & I/O

AC version – Can be powered directly from mains, using the internal 220V / 110V to 24V AC transformer and 1.3aH rechargeable battery.

DC version - can be powered via a 20W Solar panel and 1.3Ah rechargeable battery.

The SAPIR2 has a very flexible hardware option, and therefore, there are many combinations for expanding the number of output/inputs / analog inputs in the system.

The SAPIR2 has a flexible hardware option, and therefore, there are many combinations for expanding the number of output/inputs / analog inputs in the system.

  • Outputs:
    • The maximum number of outputs is 32

AC version – 24V AC solenoids
DC version – 12V DC latch solenoids

  • Digital Inputs:
    • The maximum number of digital inputs is 32.
    • 8 Local inputs
  • Analog inputs:
    • The maximum number of analog inputs is 48.
    • 4 … Local analog inputs
    • 4-20 mA / 0-5V

Additional Outputs / Digital inputs / Analog inputs can be added using radio RTU.

Programming is done easily:

  • Remotely via the internet using the SPOT App
  • Remotely via the internet using the CONSOLE PC software.

Due to the wide range of options available and criteria for correct model selection, pricing and configuration are available on application only.

Please contact us for more information.

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