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Talgil - SAPIR 2 - Advanced Irrigation Controller

Product Descriptions

The SAPIR 2 is the next generation of central control irrigation systems. It allows combining various technologies to suit each project's specific needs.

It is an Internet-enabled controller so the user can control everything from his PC or Smartphone.

The SAPIR 2 is the perfect solution for small to medium irrigation projects with a single irrigation head, suitable for both simple and most demanding applications.

Talgil - Sapir2 - Description

Talgil - SAPIR 2 Controller

Features and Benefits

Modular & Flexible Hardware

  • Maximum 32 outputs - Can be divided between local and radio RTU
  • Local on-board:
    • Modular 4/8/12/16 Outputs - 12V DC Latch or 24V AC
    • 8 Digital Inputs - Water meter, fertilizer meters, DP, water level float etc.
    • 4 Analog Inputs - Pressure Sensor, ultrasonic water meter, soil moisture etc.
  • Radio RTU - License free, up top 3km (30km with repeaters)

Talgil - DREAM2 - Communication

Talgil - SAPIR2 - Radio Communication


  • Up to 16 irrigation programs
  • One Irrigation Line
  • Water dosage by Time, Volume, Volume per area and ET
  • Irrigation by days of the week or cycle of days
  • Single-cycle or pulse irrigation
  • Start: By time, condition, manually
  • Flexible programming - Valve by valve, groups by group or a combination of both.
  • Main valve operation delayed, advanced, or together with the irrigation valves.


  • Up to 4 fertilizers and booster control
  • Fertilization modes: Time (hh:mm:ss), Volume (Litres), Concentration (L/m3) and Proportional volume.
  • Three-stage fertigation: Pre-watering, injection, and post-watering


  • Flushing by time, by DP or both
  • Definable parameters: Flushing interval, Pre dwell time, Dwell time, Flushing time, PD delay.
  • Endless looping detection and prevention.
  • Accumulation of flushing cycles by time and by PD.


  • High flow, Low flow, Water leakage, Low pressure
  • Fertilizer leakage, No pulses from fertilizer injector
  • PD sensor failure
  • Low battery, No AC


  • Smartphone application – DREAM SPOT. From any device on any operating system.
  • Wi-Fi, 4G Modem
  • Push alarm notifications to user's phone
  • Remote firmware upgrade (OTA).

Full integration, monitoring, and command of:

  • Water Systems - Water sources – 1
    • Pump - On/Off Control (Including duty selection), Mainline Pressure Monitoring, and Pump/System Faults.
    • Solenoid Field Valves - On/Off Control, High/Low Water Flow, Water Usage.
    • Flow Meter - High/Low Water Flow, Water Usage (per Zone/Meter/Specified Area), Leak/Burst Alerts.
    • Tank/Dam Level - Including automatic filling. With volume optimisation based on resource consent limitations.
    • Spray/Stock/Domestic Water - On/Off Control of Pump, High/Low Water Flow, Water Usage, Leak/Burst alerts.

  • Frost Systems
    • Automated frost protection system triggered by temperature sensor or switch.

  • Filtration Systems
    • Backwash Valve control, Pressure Differential monitoring.

  • Fertigation Systems
    • pH / EC, fertiliser meters, proportional dosing, bulk/time injection.

  • Waste Water
    • Waste Water disposal via irrigation based on tank/ pond level, Tank Level monitoring, and pH level monitoring.

  • 4-20mA, 0-5V, SDI Sensors and Weather Stations
    • Including soil moisture, air temperature, complete weather stations and many more.
    • Automated irrigation based on soil moisture sensor thresholds or ET

Additional Features & Accessories

  • Advanced Mobile Software - Spot App
  • Powerful Analytical Tools
  • Wi-Fi - Local connection
  • Modular hardware
  • API ready – communicates with all 3rd Decision-making systems
  • and much more!
Talgil - Spot App - Image 2

Typical Applications

  • Monitoring, analytical planning, and irrigation control tools
  • Monitoring/controlling climate and other environmental parameters
  • Providing farms in remote areas with remote control over cellular communication
Talgil - Sapir2 - Typical application
Talgil - Sapir2 - Typical Application
Talgil - Sapir2 - Typical Application

Technical Specifications

  • Construction Materials: UV Resistant ABS
  • Temperatures: Ambient: -17 to +60ºC; Storage: -30ºC to +70ºC
  • Protection Rating: IP67, NEMA X4

Configuration Options

Talgil - DREAM2 - Configuration Options

Technical Data

Connectivity with the field's control components

  • Connectivity with the field's control components:
    • Local AC or DC digital and analog I/Os
    • Radio RTU
      • RTUs with various digital and analog I/Os

Connectivity with the Cloud

  • 4G Cellular Modem
  • Local Wi-Fi connection
  • External Wi-Fi Module

The new Wi-Fi card allows the SAPIR 2 / SAPIR 2 MINI to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.

  • The Wi-Fi card is installed in the same place as the cellular modem
  • The configuration of the Wi-Fi network is done using the TOOLBOX App
Talgil - SAPIR2 - Wifi Module

SAPIR 2 Controller with the new Wi-Fi Module

SAPIR2 Versions & I/O

AC version – Can be powered directly from mains, using the internal 220V / 110V to 24V AC transformer and 1.3aH rechargeable battery.

DC version - can be powered via a 20W Solar panel and 1.3Ah rechargeable battery.

The SAPIR2 has a very flexible hardware option, and therefore, there are many combinations for expanding the number of output/inputs / analog inputs in the system.

The SAPIR2 has a flexible hardware option, and therefore, there are many combinations for expanding the number of output/inputs / analog inputs in the system.

  • Outputs:
    • The maximum number of outputs is 32

AC version – 24V AC solenoids
DC version – 12V DC latch solenoids

  • Digital Inputs:
    • The maximum number of digital inputs is 32.
    • 8 Local inputs
  • Analog inputs:
    • The maximum number of analog inputs is 48.
    • 4 … Local analog inputs
    • 4-20 mA / 0-5V

Additional Outputs / Digital inputs / Analog inputs can be added using radio RTU.

Programming is done easily:

  • Remotely via the internet using the SPOT App
  • Remotely via the internet using the CONSOLE PC software.

Talgil - SAPIR 2 - Advanced Irrigation Controller

Product Code Description
TG-SAPIR2AC-KIT SAPIR 2 AC CONTROLLER - COMPLETED KIT, C/W SAPIR2 AC 4 OUT / 8 IN / 4 ANA Controller, 4G MODEM (Installed), Power Supply 230V AC (Installed), & Battery 12V - 1.3 AH
TG-SAPIR2DC-KIT SAPIR2 DC LATCH CONTROLLER - COMPLETED KIT, C/W SAPIR2 DC 4 OUT / 8 IN / 4 ANA Controller, 4G MODEM (Installed), Battery 12V - 3.2 AH, Solar Panel - 20W & Mounting Device

* External Wi-Fi module option is available

Product Code Description
TG-SAPIR2ACEXP4OUT Expansion Card - 4 Outputs AC for SAPIR2 Controller (Max 32 OUT Local)
TG-SAPIR2DCEXP4OUT Expansion Card - 4 Outputs DC for SAPIR2 Controller (Max 32 OUT Local)
TG-SAPIR2RFG5MASTER Interface RF G5 Radio Master for SAPIR2 Controller
TG-SPMODEMWIFISAPIR Wi-Fi Module for SAPIR2 and SAPIR2 Mini Controllers
Product Code Description
TG-SPMODEM4G SAPIR2 - 4G Cellular Modem
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