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Talgil - DREAM2 - Professional Irrigation Controller

Product Descriptions

The Talgil DREAM is a professional, Cloud-enabled irrigation management system that combines various hardware, software and communication components together with analytical tools and an advanced user interface into one all-inclusive and powerful centralized crop management system.

Talgil - DREAM2 - Promo

The DREAM2 is designed to provide farmers with an expandable, modular, efficient and versatile crop management system that makes efficient use of water, energy, chemicals and manpower resources while increasing yields, produce quality, and profitability.

The DREAM2 can manage irrigation, fertilization and backflush control in the DREAM2 vicinity to irrigation heads connected to end units that are far away from the controller. In addition, the DREAM can read digital, analog and SDI-12 sensors and act according to what was received by them.

The DREAM2 can handle up to 999 outputs. An output can be defined as a Main valve, secondary valve, fertilizer valve, filter, pump or Satellite.

Moreover, the DREAM2 can read hundreds of digital, analog or SDI-12 sensors like water meters, fertilization meters, DP sensors, pressure sensors, humidity, temperature, and so forth.

The DREAM2 is an independent controller that enables it to be programmed by the user using an LCD and keyboard. When there is no reception, the DREAM2 will continue with the planned irrigation program.

The controller can be accessed via the 'Console' PC Software and the 'SPOT' Phone App.

This is our premium controller that has many capabilities and can suit most water/irrigation applications!

Features and Benefits

  • The DREAM2 can run several irrigation programs at the same time, which means that you can run several pumping systems, blocks and/or properties from one controller and a cloud-based dashboard.
  • The DREAM2 is adapted to large properties and farms with multiple blocks and properties currently run by several controllers and wants to standardise and simplify their irrigation system.

  • The DREAM2 can run many communication technologies available on the market at the same time from the same single unit:
    • Hardwired/Multiwired
    • Radio (3km radius that can be repeated 10 times, so up to 30km radius range).
Talgil - DREAM2 - Communication

Talgil - DREAM2 - Radio Communication

Full integration, monitoring, and command of:

  • Water Systems - Water sources – 0 to 6, each with up to 6 pumps
    • Pumps - On/Off Control (Including duty selection), Mainline Pressure Monitoring, and Pump/System Faults.
    • Solenoid Field Valves - On/Off Control, High/Low Water Flow, Water Usage.
      • Irrigation valves – No limit (0 – 999)
    • Flow Meter - High/Low Water Flow, Water Usage (per Zone/Meter/Specified Area), Leak/Burst Alerts.
    • Tank/Dam Level - Including automatic filling. With volume optimisation based on resource consent limitations.
    • Irrigation Scheme Offtake/Turn-Out - On/Off Control of Solenoid Valve, Flow Meter, and Main Pressure Monitoring.
    • Spray/Stock/Domestic Water - On/Off Control of Pump, High/Low Water Flow, Water Usage, Leak/Burst alerts.

  • Frost Systems
    • Automated frost protection system triggered by temperature sensor or switch.

  • Filtration Systems
    • Backwash Valve control, Pressure Differential monitoring.
    • Local Filters – 0 to 99 (Per irrigation line)
    • Central filter site – 0 to 6 (Per filter site)

  • Fertigation Systems
    • pH / EC, fertiliser meters, proportional dosing, bulk/time injection. - Including NPK calculations and usage based on specific valve/area/zone
    • Local fertilizer injector – 0 to 6 (Per irrigation line)
    • Central fertilizer injector – 0 to 6 (Per fertilizer site)

  • Waste Water
    • Waste Water disposal via irrigation based on tank/ pond level, Tank Level monitoring, and pH level monitoring.

  • 4-20mA, 0-5V, SDI Sensors and Weather Stations
    • Including soil moisture, air temperature, complete weather stations and many more.
    • Automated irrigation based on soil moisture sensor thresholds or ET
    • Davis Weather Station Integration - Extended data collection including:
      • Atmospheric pressure
      • Temperature
      • Humidity
      • Wind Speed, Wind Direction
      • Radiation
      • Daily Rain, Rain Rate
      • UV Radiation
      • Evapotranspiration
      • Dew Point

DREAM2 can read up to 256 Analog Sensors; all above have automated reports available.

Additional Features & Accessories

  • Advanced PC and Mobile Software - Console Software & Spot App
  • Powerful Analytical Tools
  • Operator's Interface (LCD Screen with Control).
  • Modular hardware
  • API ready – communicates with all 3rd Decision-making systems
  • and much more!

The Various I/O Options

Interface for local I/O AC or DC

  • The local I/O interface may control 1 or 2 I/O boards of 16 outputs and 8 digital inputs. It is meant for reading digital inputs and activating outputs, which are close enough to be directly connected to the control unit.

I/O Expansion and Remote I/O

  • External / Remote I/O is available with the same configuration of outputs and inputs inside an enclosure and is limited to 32 (2 x 16) outputs and 16 (2 x 8)digital inputs. Using multiple Remote I/Os at the same time is possible.

Radio - RF - Interface

  • When remote I/O devices cannot be reached by cable, radio-communicated RTUs will be used. The RF INTERFACE will communicate with the RF RTUs through an RF MASTER receiver/ transmitter located on top of a high pole next to the RF INTERFACE. In the field, the RTUs will be placed next to the I/O devices to be controlled.
  • The RF RTUs can read digital and analog inputs and activate DC latching outputs. We can have several channels of RF RTUs with up to 60 RTUs per channel. One RF Master can operate 999 RTUs at the same time.

Interfaces for Local Analog Inputs

  • Analog inputs can be read through the RF RTU system. However, analog sensors located in the close vicinity of the DREAM 2 controller can be directly connected to the controller by using special interfaces for analog inputs. For that purpose, we may use two types of analog input interfaces; the compact one can handle 2 or 4 inputs, and the modular one can read up to 64 analog inputs, divided into batches of 8.

Interface pH/EC (Fertmaster)

  • When the system is required to measure/control the pH (acidity) and the EC (Electro Conductivity) of the water, a special interface will be used. Apart from reading the analog values of the pH and EC electrodes, the pH/EC interface is capable of handling 6 injectors of fertilizers and a booster pump; it is equipped with a display and a keyboard which enable calibrations, parameters setting and monitoring to be done directly at the interface. During the injection process, it receives from the DREAM2 controller all the details and the requirements of the particular process, and it executes the injection accordingly. All along the injection process, the DREAM2 is updated continuously about the status and the results.

THD Interface

  • The THD interface is meant to measure the ambient Temperature and Humidity, calculate the actual Dew point and report the three values back to the controller. The values can then be used for frost protection or conditioning of cooling programs. During the configuration process when defining the hardware in use, the THD interface will be defined as an analog interface of the type THD. Like any other interface, it has an address switch that has to be set according to what has been defined in the configuration process.

Weather Station Interface

  • The Weather station interface enables the connection of a “Davis - Vantage pro2” weather station to the system.

And many more!

Talgil - DREAM2 - System Overview

Talgil - DREAM2 - System Overview

Typical Applications

  • Irrigation control and management of medium and large farms.
  • Centralized irrigation control of multi-crop and multi-irrigation sections operation.
  • Monitoring, analytical planning, and irrigation control tools.
  • Climate and other environmental parameters monitoring and control
  • Where sophisticated irrigation methods are required
  • Central control of a large number of control valves grouped together and spread over separated and large geographical areas
  • Farms in remote areas that require remote control over cellular communication
  • Projects requiring control of multiple and various types of water sources
  • Irrigation Schemes - Offtake/Turn-Out
Talgil - DREAM2 - Typical Application
Talgil - DREAM2 - Typical Application

Talgil - DREAM2 - Typical Application

Technical Specifications

  • Construction Materials: UV Resistant ABS
  • Temperatures: Ambient: -17 to +60ºC; Storage: -30 to +70ºC
  • Protection Rating: IP67
  • Dimensions: Length: 400 mm, Height: 300 mm, Width: 180mm
  • Weight: 6 Kg

Configuration Options

Talgil - DREAM2 - Configuration Options

Technical Data

Connectivity with the field's control components

  • Connectivity with the field's control components:
    • Local AC or DC digital and analog I/Os
    • Radio RTU
      • RTUs with various digital, analog, and SDI-12 I/Os

Connectivity with the Cloud

  • 4G Cellular Modem or ETHERNET Modem

DREAM2 Versions & I/O

AC version – Can be powered directly from mains, using the internal 220V / 110V to 24V AC transformer and 9aH rechargeable battery.

DC version - can be powered via 20W Solar panel and 40aH rechargeable battery.

The DREAM2 has a very flexible hardware option, and therefore there are many combinations for expanding the number of output/inputs / analog inputs in the system.

The DREAM2 has a very flexible hardware option, and therefore, there are many combinations for expanding the number of output/inputs / analog inputs in the system.

  • Outputs:
    • The maximum number of outputs is 999.
    • 16 / 32 / 48 / 64 /80 / 96….. Local outputs:

AC version – 24V AC solenoids
DC version – 12V DC latch solenoids

  • Digital Inputs:
    • The maximum number of digital inputs is 999.
    • 8 / 16 / 24 /32 … Local inputs
  • Analog inputs:
    • The maximum number of analog inputs is 256
    • 4 / 8 / 12 /16… Local analog inputs
    • 4-20 mA / 0-5V / SDI-12

Additional Outputs / Digital inputs / Analog inputs can be added using radio RTU.

In order to suit many applications - the setup is flexible:

  • Water sources – 0 to 6, each with up to 6 pumps
  • Main valve – Yes / No (Per irrigation line)
  • Local fertilizer injector – 0 to 6 (Per irrigation line)
  • Local Filters – 0 to 99 (Per irrigation line)
  • Central fertilizer injector – 0 to 6 (Per fertilizer site)
  • Central filter site – 0 to 6 (Per filter site)
  • Irrigation valves – No limit (0 – 999)

A single DREAM2 can control up to 999 irrigation lines!

Programming is done easily:

  • Locally using the big graphical LCD and keyboard with numeric pad.
  • Remotely via the internet using the SPOT App
  • Remotely via the internet using the CONSOLE PC software.

Connection to the internet is done through:

  • Cellular modem
  • Ethernet router.

Specification Table

Talgil - DREAM2 - Specification Table

Talgil - DREAM2 - Professional Irrigation Controller

Product Code Description
TG-DREAM2AC-KIT DREAM 2AC CONTROLLER - COMPLETED KIT, C/W 4G cellular Modem*, 16 OUT / 8 IN - Local Interface, USB Flash Drive for Upgrade, Backup & Utilities, Battery 12V 9AH, Power Supply 230V AC & Surge Protector (Eliminator EP240) - 3AMP, 1 Outlet

*DREAM 2 DC model & Ethernet modem available on request.

Product Code Description
TG-EXP16OUT8IN Expansion Card - 16 OUT AC / 8 IN (32 OUT / 16 IN Total Maximum - Locally)
TG-EXPREMOTE18OUT8IN Remote Expansion Unit - 16 OUT AC / 8 IN - Int. RS485 for Dream2 c/w 240 AC/AC Power Supply)
TG-INTANA2IN Interface 2 Analog Inputs. 4-20mA / 0-5V
TG-INTANA4IN Interface 4 Analog Inputs. 4-20mA / 0-5V
TG-DREAM2RFG5MASTER Interface RF G5 Radio Master
Product Code Description
TG-SPDREAM2PANEL DREAM2 - Front Face Panel - SP Part
TG-SPMODEM4G DREAM2 - 4G Cellular Modem
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