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NaanDanJain - Model 234 - Metal Sprinkler

Product Description

Metal impact sprinkler 1” female

Structure and Features

  • High water distribution with spacing up to 24 m.
  • Color-coded bayonet nozzles for easy service.
  • Integrated stream-straightening vane for maximum range.
  • Sand, and dust protection sleeve ensures reliable operation and durability.
  • Red-cap completely seals and protects the drive spring and protects from frost damage.


  • all overhead irrigation of crops with solid-set, mechanized or hand-line systems.

Technical Data

Performance Table

NDJ - 234 - Performance Table

* Performance table prepared under laboratory conditions

* For windy conditions use closer spacing

NaanDanJain - Model 234 - Metal Sprinkler

1” Female, metal impulse sprinkler, full circle.

Product Code Size Description Nozzle Box Qty
5124550 5.0mm 234 Sprinkler c/w 5.0mm Nozzle Purple 40
5124560 6.0mm 234 Sprinkler c/w 6.0mm Nozzle Red 40
5124455 5.5mm x 3.2mm 234 Sprinkler c/w 5.5mm x 3.2mm Nozzle Orange / Orange 40
Product Code Size Description Colour
NA585505 5.0mm 233/234 Bayonet Nozzle Purple
NA585555 5.5mm 233/234 Bayonet Nozzle Orange
NA585605 6.0mm 233/234 Bayonet Nozzle Red
NA585655 6.5mm 233/234 Bayonet Nozzle Grey
NA585705 7.0mm 233/234 Bayonet Nozzle Green
NA583325 3.2mm 233/234 Bayonet Back Nozzle Slotted Orange
Product Code Size Description
NAGLS234 25mm Galvanized Long Stand c/w NDJ 234 Sprinkler 5.0mm Purple
NAGLS 25mm Long Line Sprinkler Stand Only
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