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NaanDanJain - Model 5035 SD - Plastic Sprinkler

Product Description

Plastic impact sprinkler 3/4” male.

NDJ, The Benchmark for Uniformity

  • SD sprinklers are based on an innovative concept and a unique hammer with SD (Super Diffuser) plate, designed for a higher level of distribution uniformity.
  • SD sprinklers are designed to perform even at low pressure.
  • The hydrodynamic design of the nozzle and special arc water passage facilitates a wider radius of throw, which reduces the number of sprinklers required per unit area.
  • SD sprinklers are less sensitive to clogging and have higher wind resistance.

Here’s how to recognize a Genuine NaanDanJain SD Sprinkler:

NaanDanJain - Genuine Sprinkler - Image

Structure and Features

  • Unique hammer combined with SD (super diffuser) plate – designed for uniform distribution with single or dual nozzles.
  • High water distribution with spacing up to 20m
  • Higher resistance to wind
  • Color-coded bayonet nozzle for easy service
  • Integrated stream-straightening vane for maximum range
  • High-impact, heavy-duty plastic materials provide resistance to corrosion, chemicals and UV radiation.


  • General field use with solid-set irrigation systems

Technical Data

5035 SD PERFORMANCE TABLE - Dual nozzle, Blue short SD

NDJ - 5035SD - performnace Data 1

5035 SD PERFORMANCE TABLE -Singel nozzle, Black long SD

NDJ - 5035SD - Performnace Data 2

Performance table under review

Rear nozzle color: 2.5L - grey,

Do not change nozzles from Red sleeve group to Black sleeve group or vice-versa

* Performance table prepared under laboratory conditions
* For windy conditions use closer spacing

For single nozzle or dual nozzle sprinkler, be sure using the recommended SD unit (appears above performance table)

NaanDanJain - Model 5035 SD - Plastic Sprinkler

3/4” Male, heavy duty plastic impulse sprinkler with super diffuser (SD) hammer, bayonet nozzles, full circle.

Product Code Size Description Nozzle Box Quantity
51535021 3.5mm 5035SD-U Sprinkler c/w 3.5mm Nozzle* (Black SD)** Blue 45
51535031 4.0mm 5035SD-U Sprinkler c/w 4.0mm Nozzle* (Black SD)** Black 45
51535041 4.5mm 5035SD-U Sprinkler c/w 4.5mm Nozzle* (Black SD)** Brown 45
51535051 5.0mm 5035SD-U Sprinkler c/w 5.0mm Nozzle* (Black SD)** Purple 45

*With high energy hammer and Red Sleeve; do not interchange larger nozzle

**Do not interchange nozzle with dual jet versions

Product Code Size Description Nozzle
NA585351 3.5mm 5035SD Bayonet Nozzle Blue
NA585401 4.0mm 5035SD Bayonet Nozzle Black
NA585451 4.5mm 5035SD Bayonet Nozzle Brown
NA585501 5.0mm 5035SD Bayonet Nozzle Purple
NA585551 5.5mm 5035SD Bayonet Nozzle Orange
NA585601 6.0mm 5035SD Bayonet Nozzle Red
NA583251 2.5mm 5035SD Bayonet Back Nozzle Grey
NA583321 3.2mm 5035SD Bayonet Back Nozzle Slotted Orange
NA5196440 - Adaptor Bush 20-25mm to make 5035G Sprinkler -
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