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NaanDanJain - Model 5022 SD - Plastic Sprinkler

Product Description

Plastic impact sprinkler, 1/2” male or 3/4” female. Mounted on riser.

NDJ, The Benchmark for Uniformity

  • SD sprinklers are based on an innovative concept and a unique hammer with SD (Super Diffuser) plate, designed for a higher level of distribution uniformity.
  • SD sprinklers are designed to perform even at low pressure.
  • The hydrodynamic design of the nozzle and special arc water passage facilitates a wider radius of throw, which reduces the number of sprinklers required per unit area.
  • SD sprinklers are less sensitive to clogging and have higher wind resistance.

Here’s how to recognize a Genuine NaanDanJain SD Sprinkler:

NaanDanJain - Genuine Sprinkler - Image

Structure and Features

  • Unique hammer combined with SD (super diffuser) plate - designed for uniform distribution with single or dual nozzles.
  • High distribution uniformity up to 14 m
  • Reduced sensitivity to clogging and high resistance to wind
  • Designed for short irrigation cycles for germination.
  • Color-coded bayonet nozzles for easy service
  • High impact and heavy-duty plastic materials for resistance to corrosion, chemicals and radiation


  • Irrigation and germination of vegetables, flowers and nursery crops

Technical Data

5022 SD PERFORMANCE TABLE - Single nozzle, Black long SD

Amiad - NDJ - 5022SD - Performance Data

For single nozzle or dual nozzle sprinkler be sure using the recommended SD unit (appears above the performance table)

5022 SD PERFORMANCE TABLE - Dual nozzle, Blue short SD

Amiad - NDJ - 5022SD - Performance Data 2

* Performance table prepared under laboratory conditions

* For windy conditions use closer spacing

NaanDanJain - Model 5022 SD - Plastic Sprinkler

1/2” Male, plastic sprinkler with super diffuser blue (SD) hammer, bayonet nozzles, black sleeve.

Product Code Size Description Nozzle Box Quantity
51527031 3.0mm 5022SD-U Sprinkler c/w 3.0mm Nozzle (Black SD)* Red 100
51527041 3.2mm 5022SD-U Sprinkler c/w 3.2mm Nozzle (Black SD)* Green 100
51527061 4.0mm 5022SD-U Sprinkler c/w 4.0mm Nozzle (Black SD)* Black 100

*For the black nozzle, refer to the accessories table below.

Product Code Size Description Colour
NA582251 2.5mm 5022 Bayonet 2.5mm - Nozzle - Violet Violet
NA582281 2.8mm 5022 Bayonet 2.8mm - Nozzle - Orange Orange
NA582301 3.0mm 5022 Bayonet 3.0mm - Nozzle - Red Red
NA582321 3.2mm 5022 Bayonet 3.2mm - Nozzle - Green Green
NA582351 3.5mm 5022 Bayonet 3.5mm - Nozzle - Blue Blue
NA582401 4.0mm 5022 Bayonet 4.0mm - Nozzle - Black Black
NA583181 1.8mm 5022 Bayonet 1.8mm - Nozzle - Green Green
NA583251 2.5mm 5022 Bayonet 2.5mm - Nozzle - Grey Grey
NA582001 - Back Plug B/Jet 5022SD -
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